Nature trail – Hike to Katri cliff

  • Duration: 3 h
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Picnic included

The hike is about 5 km walk over stone walls and wading through bay of Pussa to the bank of Katri and back. Tour is led by our experienced guide. After a litte effort lunch is served right on the beach by our crew. When finished eating, there is an option to hunt for treasure that has been drifted on shore from passing ships. Note to wear warm and comfty clothes and footwear! The hike is one of popular ways to spend time together with family and friends in beautiful varied nature of Saaremaa.


  • Duration 1 h

Are you a team player? This competition challenges your cleverness and strenghtens your team spirit. 

Participants are devided in groups and they have to orientate on landscape (using special maps with routes) to find check-points, where the team must solve given tasks (spiderweb, crossing a canyon, transporting dangerous goods, etc). Competition is for the best time. Team mates will discover a lot about their companions characteristics, willingness to cooperate and initiative.

Creativity work-shops

Various themes like stone-painting, mind twisters:

• Keep your mind sharp with solving mind or brain teasers and twisters - it's fun and challenging. Open up a new way to think. Good challenge for a team to work together to find alternatives.

• Stone painting - wonderful therapy to express one’s ideas or emotions and the final masterpiece belongs to its creator.

• Handicraft - making candels, objects out of felt cloth, etc.

Scuba diving

In cooperation with our partner Panga Diving resort.

Come discover the magic underwater world in beautiful Saaremaa nature with experienced instructors. You can choose from a wide range of underwater adventures like nightdive, wreck diving, coral reefs, diving with seals, etc. We have diving spots from beginners to advanced level.

Horseback riding

  • Duration 2-3h

Friendly Estonian breed horses are being set ready in a stable that is about 20 min drive from Pilguse by car. An experienced guide will accompany you on the hike to ride the lovely trails in forests.

Western Saaremaa has many interesting riding possibilities: Through pinetree forest, over the natural juniper fields or along the sandy coastline. According to your wishes and  the weather conditions lunch will be served at Pilguse Manor or alternatively there will be a nice picnic by the sea.

Smoke sauna

Smoke sauna is a ritual to be enjoyed with friends. As in the old days it still is perfect means to relax and unwind, to let go of daily liabilities and fall into sweet dreams afterwards. People usually go to smoke sauna for 2-5 h, eat smoked fish and have a refreshing drink, dive into a refreshing spring next to the sauna, chat with friends and enjoy nature.

Wooden hot tub experience

Wooden bathing tub describes Estonian way of enjoying an all-year-round tub located outside. It feels especially good to be in crispy weather with -20 degrees and enjoy warmth around you. Take smoke sauna with friends and watch nordic sky from a hot tub afterwards.


Massage is called an art that combines the positive effect of a touch and a technique that has a curing effect. Skillful massage procedure will balance your body and soul. Pilguse provides its guests relaxing and well-being enhancing massages: Classical or aroma.